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Tapestry Theatre Company's first play, Nicky Silver's The Maiden's Prayer, went on at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre in London in April 2008.

Synopsis: The story opens at Cynthia's and Taylor's wedding. However, Cynthia's sister, Libby, is in love with Taylor herself. Drunk and fleeing to the backyard, Libby encounters Paul, Taylor's best friend, who himself has harboured a love for Taylor since childhood. As Libby and Paul are forced to deal with unrequited love, their lives change dramatically. Paul, promiscuous by nature, finds himself pursued by a zealous young man, Andrew. And Libby, her career in a shambles, succumbs to a life of drink and one without love - a life where sex is connected to monetary gain rather than affection. When Cynthia gives birth to a still-born child, she leaves Taylor and he too sinks into depression and alcoholism. Surprisingly, Libby, who has viewed her sister as the enemy all her life, finds the strength to sacrifice her own desires to help Cynthia through her grief; while Paul, seemingly kind and always appropriate, betrays his dearest friend and secret love. He gambles with Taylor's life, hoping his friend will at last turn to him.

The Maiden's Prayer follows this quartet, and Andrew, as they struggle to learn the difference between loving someone and needing them.

Lion and Unicorn Theatre


Director: Victor Sobchak
Producer: Vicki McKellar

Libby: Vicki McKellar
Cynthia: Nadia Ostacchini 
Paul: Lloyd Morris 
Taylor: Martin Rossen
Andrew: Michael Mitcham







In 2010, Vicki produced a self-penned play, Paradise Lost, which went on at The Leicester Square Theatre. 

Paradise Lost was written as a one hour play but has since been added to and re-named Love Or Something Like It. The play is bitter-sweet and focuses on the lives of 6 people - 2 men and 4 women, all inter-linked either through personal relationship or family. The show's main focus is on three sisters in their mid to late 30s - Katherine, Debbie and Shirley. Katherine has lost her husband, David, in a car crash and is still mourning the loss of him; Debbie is desperately trying to hold her marriage together after learning that her husband, Martin, has had an affair; and Shirley is cheating on her long-term male partner, Steve, with another woman. The other woman, Suzie, enjoys dabbling with the Ouija board, and all the group's secrets are revealed one night whilst they sit in a seance that Suzie is conducting.

Paradise Lost was directed by Simone Vause and starred celebrity model-turned-actress, Abi Titmuss. Due to PHA Media's handling of the PR and Abi's involvement, the show garnered a lot of national press, namely The Daily Mail, The Sun, Closer magazine, plus a radio interview with Vicki on BBC Herts, Beds & Bucks.

PHA Media

Leicester Square Theatre

Daily Mail1

Daily Mail2

Daily Mail3

The Sun

Closer Magazine

BBC Herts Beds & Bucks

St  Albans Review

Herts Advertiser

Indie London


Director: Simone Vause
Producer: Vicki McKellar

Shirley: Vicki McKellar
Steve: Lloyd Morris
Debbie: Nadia Ostacchini
Martin: Myles Brown
Katherine: Andrea Deeley
Suzie: Abi Titmuss

Simone Vause

Vicki McKellar

Lloyd Morris

Nadia Ostacchini

Myles Brown

Andrea Deeley

Abi Titmuss





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