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Vicki has long had an interest in the 50’s screen Goddess, Marilyn Monroe, and over the years has read extensively about her  life, and more recently, the way in which she died. Several books which have been published have refuted the ‘probable suicide’ verdict about her death – books such as ‘Victim’ & ‘The Men Who Murdered Marilyn’ by Matthew Smith, ‘The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe’ by Donald H Wolfe, and the newest release: ‘The Murder of Marilyn Monroe’ by Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin all counter the official ‘probable suicide’ verdict. In fact, the authors go so far as to claim Marilyn was murdered.....and Vicki agrees with them.

After writing her first play, Paradise Lost (later lengthened and renamed Love Or Something Like It), Vicki’s second outing addresses the last few days of Marilyn’s life. Contra to what the officials wanted the public to believe, Miss Monroe was not constantly depressed. She was a young woman looking forward to her future. MARILYN: HER FINAL DAYS will be produced at a London theatre in 2016/2017. The cast so far are: Vicki McKellar as Marilyn Monroe, Susie Amy as Pat Newcomb, Martin Rossen as Dr Engelberg, Nadia Ostacchini as Hildi Greenson, Sally Mortemore as Mrs Murray and Alexander Hulme as Peter Lawford.





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